What Not To Put Into Self Storage

As popular TV show Storage Hunters has shown, you can find some real oddities in self-storage facilities. Generally you can store almost anything you want within them, with a few notable exceptions. The main reason some items can’t be stored in self-storage is because of the risk they pose to others.


Animals – It may seem like common sense but self-storage is not a makeshift kennels. Also dead animals will start to give off a smell that other users will find unpleasant (taxidermy is fine though).


Tyres – Most storage companies will refuse your requests to store these, because they cost so much to dispose of and storage company owners don’t want to be stung with the bill when you leave them behind.


Humans – You cannot use your self-storage to live in. And they aren’t really suitable for use as a morgue either.


Radioactive Material – Legally storing these requires a lot of paperwork and security – for obvious reasons. So keeping them in self-storage is a definite no-no.


Stolen Items – If you don’t legally own it, you can’t legally store it. Should the police ever find stolen goods they will be seized and your details will be given to them.


Firearms & Munitions – The safe storage of these items requires strict temperature and humidity controls. These don’t exist in self-storage and your items could be damaged by doing it.


Perishable Goods – These will rot in your storage facility. And this not only smells bad it also attracts vermin like rats, which can damage other storage user’s items.


Living Plants – Firstly the conditions in a storage facility are all wrong – its dark and dry inside. Secondly they can attract insects and vermin which is unpleasant for other users.


A Shop – We’re not talking about a physical building but you cannot run a shop from within your storage unit. Because the coming and goings of shoppers puts others storage at risks and there are regulations around running a business that forbid it.


Cash – Self storage is fairly secure but we wouldn’t advise keeping money in them because they are nowhere near as secure as a bank or a safe in your home.


Combustible, Flammable, Hazardous or Toxic Materials – These are inherently dangerous. If it has any of these properties do not put it anywhere near self-storage because not only could it destroy the facility it could seriously harm or kill other users.


This list is fairly exhaustive but if you want to store something and you think it may cause problems, simply ask our team through social media, emails or even in the comments and they will be more than happy to advise you on your storage requirements.