Artwork Storage

Most possessions that people put into storage are normally valuable on a sentimental level but we also offer artwork storage solutions where the items in question possess a higher monetary value. With the storage of artwork other factors have to be taken into consideration such as how they are packed and whether they need to be placed in climate controlled environments.

If you know your artwork storage needs you can request a quote now.

Generally speaking they take up more space per item than other objects in storage and will require a greater degree of care when packed. Our artwork storage service includes free transportation and specialist packing to keep the valuable items safe and secure. The strictest fire prevention standards are also adopted within the artwork storage facilities so that there really is no better way to store your artwork.

We can cater for individuals who have perhaps run out of room for a painting in their home and are simply looking to keep it somewhere safe to pass on as an inheritance. To organisations that are looking to store an entire exhibition collection while a new facility is being built to show off the collection. What we offer is really only limited by the size of your artwork collection.

All of the artwork storage facilities we use come with the highest levels of security including CCTV, alarms and security codes unique to you. We’ll only give access to people who you authorise so you will know that your precious pieces of art are safe and secure.


We can accommodate and store any size of artwork from individual paintings to entire collections of sculptures. This is very much a bespoke service where every storage job is different and the best way to find out more is to contact us.


Our estimate will be based on the amount of time storage is required for, the type of packaging required, the size of the piece and whether it needs to be stored in any special way such as in a climate controlled environment.

How to order

The best way to order your artwork storage is to call us on 0845 603 5527 and simply let us know what it is you need storing and we’ll give you a quote.