Containerised Storage

There’s a reason that storage containers are used for transporting goods around the world and that’s because they’re strong, can take huge amounts of stuff, they’re incredibly practical and they’re relatively cheap. Now all of this is available to you too.

If you know your containerised storage needs you can request a quote now.

With our containerised storage solutions you can create additional storage space either at home or at work with just one phone call. We’ll deliver the storage container directly to you, free of charge, meaning the price we quote is the price you pay. We don’t stick on hidden extras like some others providers.

Manufactured from steel, our storage containers offer a safe and practical way for you to store all manner of items, from tools to office furniture to expensive pieces of artwork. Thanks to the shape and size of our containers even bulky items can be stored and as we deliver direct to your chosen location you won’t have to worry about hiring a van or cramming all the items into your car to take them to a self-storage location – although we do also offer self-storage, if doing that is your idea of fun.


Our storage containers have a cubic capacity of 35 Sq Ft making them suitable for almost any scenario. All you need to do is make sure you have a flat piece of ground roughly 3 metres by 2 metres for the container to sit on and we’ll take care of putting it in place.


This is the best bit. Prices start from only £2+VAT a day. That’s unbeatable value, especially when you consider that some companies are charging 3 times that much. We want to make our storage solutions available to as many people as possible and it shouldn’t be restricted to those with the deepest pockets.

If you’re a business we know that keeping your costs low helps you keep your prices low so that’s why we’re as competitively priced as we are.

But just because we’re cheap it doesn’t mean we offer poor service. In fact it’s quite the opposite. No one would come back to us if we didn’t deliver outstanding customer support so we do everything we can to meet your storage solution needs.

How to order

You can order your containerised storage solution either online  or over the phone. Call us on  0845 603 5527 and simply let us know where, when and what you need storing and we’ll make sure it happens.